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The content contained throughout this website is meant for those who are flat-out obsessed with semi trucks. 

Do not feel as if you are alone. This site was created for you - the Semi Freak.

We understand you and are here for you. We will continue to add new things and build a semi-sanctuary for fellow Semi Freaks - just like you (yes you). Our freakishness is ongoing, this half-nuts big rig obsession is a growing community.


We welcome all freaks - worldwide.

- Robb Mariani & Brad Wike

Those who do suffer from Big Rig Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (BROCD) should not enter this site looking for a cure.  This site may only worsen your BROCD and could lead to a diesel overdose. PROCEED WITH CAUTION…

*Semi Freaks is not responsible for Semi Freakishness, those suffering from BROCD, those who may come down with an acute case of BROCD, those seeking a cure for BROCD. Known side effects: uncontrollable smiling, random jumping up and down, bulging eyes, screaming, drooling, head-spins, self conversation, crying, dry mouth, brain cramps, giddiness, euphoria, loss of time, disorientation, happiness, double vision, dizziness, irrational speech, cravings, freakish outbursts, freak-itus, hot flashes, elevated heart rates, and general infatuation.   If you are experiencing any of the above side effects please buy high doses of merchandise from the Semi Freaks store, visit your local truck stop, attend a truck show, look at truck photographs, take a ride in a semi truck, and where applicable - take a nap in a semi truck sleeper. Join the SEMI FREAKS CLUB.


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